Evolution: Fact or “Theory”?

“I ain’t come from no monkey!” We’ve all heard it before, right? Well, being from central Arkansas, I definitely have. If you’re from somewhere other than the southern United States, the phrasing was probably altered slightly, but you get the picture. What’s concerning to me about this subject is how utterly misinformed some people in […]

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A Basic Case for Secular Agnosticism

Originally posted on A Humanist's perspective:
Outline: 1.  Introduction 2.  Lack of natural evidence. 3.  The nature of the Universe. 4.  Absurdity of Alternatives. 5.  Presence of pain and suffering. 6. Moral Character and Ethical Behavior. 7. Conclusion ——————————————————————————————————————- 1.  Introduction: I am a Secular Agnostic.  By “secular” I mean that I view reality…

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A Note to Readers

Welcome, readers! Logic & Reason Season is a personal blog dedicated to exploring any and every issue that happens to cross my mind, in a logical and reasonable manner that invites questions, feedback, and thoughtful debate from the audience. The enterprise of science is extremely important, interesting, and fun to me. Therefore, one may presume […]

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